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We Offer Durable Wall-to-Wall Floor Carpeting Treatment at Low Prices in the UAE.

We offer affordable and durable wall-to-wall carpeting solutions in the UAE. Our options include a wide variety of designs, high-quality materials, professional installation, and easy maintenance, making us a one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. Our wall-to-wall carpeting treatments are available at competitive prices. We, at Carpet Floor, have a luxurious range of carpets that can add beauty to your residential and commercial floors. Our carpets are made of high-quality nylon, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, silk, velvet, and jute materials, which enhance their functionality.

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Our Collection of Wall-to-Wall Carpets is Available for Buy Online in Dubai.

Carpet Floor is committed to providing high-quality carpeting services. We understand that our customers want carpets that not only enhance the visual appeal of their space but also last for a long time. That’s why we use premium materials and pay close attention to detail during the manufacturing process to ensure that our carpets are durable and resilient and provide a luxurious feel underfoot.

Our carpets are made of versatile materials such as sisal, jute, nylon, wool, and polyester to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Installing wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai is an efficient way to create extremely comfortable floors, and we’re here to make that happen. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime to upgrade your floors with our premium carpeting service.

We Are One of the Best Providers of Tile Carpet Dubai in UAE.

In the world of interior design, nothing quite transforms a space like the luxurious touch of wall-to-wall carpets. If you’re looking for the ultimate in elegance and comfort, Dubai is the place to be, with a wide range of top-notch carpet suppliers. Among them, our company takes pride in offering the highest quality wall-to-wall carpets that can take your interiors to new heights of sophistication. As the best carpet shop in Dubai, we offer the most stunning patterns of wall-to-wall carpets that you can explore to find the perfect carpet design for your residential or commercial space.
Our Successful Projects

Look at Our Gallery of Successful Projects for Wall-to-Wall Carpets.

Take a look at some of our recently completed projects that involved customizing wall-to-wall carpets.

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wall to wall carpets dubai.

Benefits of Using Wall-to-Wall Carpets Floors in UAE.

Comfort and Warmth

Wall-to-wall carpets offer a plush and comfortable surface, imparting a warm and cozy feel to your living or working space. This is particularly advantageous in the UAE.

Sound Absorption

Carpets are excellent at absorbing and dampening sound, making them ideal for reducing noise levels in urban areas or high-rise buildings in the UAE.


Carpets can act as natural insulators, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This is particularly advantageous in the UAE.

Safety for Children

Carpets provide a cushioned surface for children to play on, making it less likely for them to get injured from falls. Moreover, carpets create a comfortable and welcoming space for kids to spend time in.

sisal wall to wall carpets Dubai

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Installation Service of Wall-to-Wall Carpets in the UAE

Please Consider Booking Our Services for Expert Installation of Wall-to-Wall Carpets in the UAE.

If you want to upgrade your carpets in the UAE, consider booking our services for expert wall-to-wall carpet installation with Carpet Floor. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring that your carpet installation experience is seamless and satisfying. You can hire our team for carpet installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With a wealth of experience, our skilled team will ensure flawless carpet fitting in your homes and offices following proper wall-to-wall styling. In addition to budget-friendly installations, we also provide:

Repair Treatment & Carpet Padding

You can rely on our skilled technicians for excellent carpet repairs. We also provide carpet underlay for added comfort and support. IRS. We also provide carpet underlayment for additional comfort and support.

Useful Carpet Maintenance Tips

Our team of experts will provide you with maintenance guidelines to enhance serviceability and increase the lifetime of your carpet.

Our Designs for Wall-to-Wall Carpets 2024

Top Quality Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Versatile Wall-to-Wall Carpets Dubai.
Alluring Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Best Quality Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Proficient Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Stunning Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Top Notch Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.
Affordable Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai.


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Why Should You Choose Us for wall- to- wall Carpet in Dubai?

Wall-to-wall carpet in Dubai is a luxurious and popular flooring option that adds comfort, warmth, and style to residential and commercial spaces. Renowned for its exquisite designs, superior quality, and plush texture, wall-to-wall carpeting has become a favored choice among interior decorators and homeowners in Dubai.

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Versatile Wall-to-Wall Carpets Dubai.

High Quality

Buy sustainable wall to wall carpet online for long-lasting use with regular care.

Price Quotations

You can choose from a variety of wall to wall carpet designs to create a unique look for your residential or commercial interiors.

Free & Fast Delivery

We guarantee timely and efficient delivery of the wall to wall carpet you have selected.

Guaranteed Services!

Get Our Carpet Installation Services at a Discounted Price.

Our carpet shop in the UAE offers premium wall to wall carpetĀ  on sale with discounts.

Excellent Skills & Quality Exercise

Carpets are installed on floors of homes and offices to last for years.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What are wall to wall carpet ?

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares or modular carpets, are small sections of carpeting that are typically square in shape. They are used to cover floors and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Installing a wall-to-wall carpet involves several steps. Remember that this is a general overview, and the specific process may vary depending on the type of carpet, the subfloor, and the chosen installation method.

Yes, wall-to-wall carpet can be installed over existing flooring in many cases. However, important considerations must be considered to ensure a successful and durable installation. Here are some general guidelines.

Vacuum the carpet regularly to remove dirt, dust, and debris. High-traffic areas may need more frequent vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or rotating brush for effective cleaning.

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be suitable for various areas of both homes and offices, but its appropriateness depends on factors such as the room’s function, traffic levels, and the space’s specific needs.

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